Common Problems with an Older Boiler Installation in Leeds

If you need a new boiler installation at your Leeds property, the plumbers and Gas Safe engineers at M.J. Nelson Plumbing & Heating are here to help. A new boiler is often fitted with home refurbishment projects, such as brand-new bathroom installations and wet room installations, or if you’re experiencing ongoing heating issues.


We carry out repairs and periodic servicing, however, investing in a new boiler and central heating installation is the ideal solution to replace older faulty units.


Main Reasons for Boiler Repairs


1. No Heat or Hot Water


Check the thermostat, boiler pressure and water level to see if this is affecting the lack of heat. The issue could also be due to damaged or loose internal components, such as the motorised valves. Our plumbers and Gas Safe engineers carry out fault-finding techniques to fix the issue quickly and efficiently. If you live in a larger property, we recommend upgrading to an energy-saving boiler and central heating installation. If you’re renovating your Leeds home, this keeps new bathroom installations running smoothly, including additional wet room installations.


2. Leaking Boiler Installations


Plumbers and Gas Safe Engineers identify the source of leaks, which can be due to poorly fitted boiler installations. Other reasons can result from worn interior pump seals or corroded exterior pipes because of loose fixtures.


3. Low Pressure Issues


If the pressure of your boiler and central heating installation is too low, this can be caused by a leak or a broken pressure relief valve. Our maintenance team inspects low pressure boiler installations to determine the source of the problem. We offer a rapid response for customers in Leeds, including boiler issues related to new bathroom installations and wet room installations, which are covered by our company guarantee.


4. Kettling


Lime scale and excess sludge can build up around the heat exchanger inside, which blocks the water flow. This causes the loud clanging or ‘kettling’ sounds when central heating installations are switched on. We clean boilers to flush out the sludge, which is included in our annual service too. This helps to extend the lifespan of your boiler installation and avoids costly repairs.


Our Professional Team


The team of plumbers, Gas Safe engineers, electricians and bathroom installation experts are trained to repair and replace new boiler and central heating installations, as part of any maintenance project. We specialise in servicing any make or model of boiler installation as a stand-alone job or to provide efficient hot water for new bathroom and wet room installations in Leeds.


Our qualified plumbers and Gas Safe engineers fulfil the following duties:


  • Carrying out new boiler installation upgrades
  • Fitting entire central heating installations
  • Connecting appliances, including baths, sinks and showers, as part of bathroom installation projects in Leeds
  • Ensuring wet room installations have sufficient drainage
  • Inspecting and completing periodic servicing for central heating and boiler installations
  • Undertaking repairs and maintenance jobs for boilers and central heating installations, including unblocking drains and fixing radiators

For more advice about boiler installation repairs or full central heating installations at your Leeds or West Yorkshire property, call 07966 027 993.



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