Central Heating Installation in Leeds

image of a radiator as part of Central Heating Installation

The team at M.J. Nelson Plumbing & Heating is fully-qualified to carry out a central heating installation for gas and electric systems at your Leeds home. If your current boiler cannot be repaired or if you want to upgrade to a newer model, we fit full central heating systems using major-branded products.


Our plumbers and Gas Safe engineers are trained to replace old, temperamental units which often fail to heat up radiators and switch off intermittently. Customers can be assured that the Worcester Bosch systems we recommend are reliable and energy efficient.

Types of Central Heating Installations




The Gas Safe engineers at M.J. Nelson Plumbing & Heating are skilled at fitting any make or model of boiler which operates on gas, propane (LPG) or oil. This includes the Greenstar range of Combi boilers, which are perfect for hot water and central heating installations at size property in Leeds and West Yorkshire.




Homeowners can also choose to upgrade their old systems with an electric central heating installation. These units are a popular choice because they are reliable and help to reduce your energy bills. Our plumbers frequently install Worcester Bosch Combi models, which are compact and easily fit into any contemporary bathroom or kitchen design. What’s more – an electric central heating installation requires less maintenance, other than periodic inspections. This means that Leeds and West Yorkshire customers benefit from low-cost upkeep.


Premium-Quality Products


Combi Boiler


We fit brand-new Combi boilers for complete system replacements and as part of new bathroom refurbishments too. These manage the demand for hot water and to efficiently heat larger Leeds properties. Modern central heating installations are also conveniently sized to free-up space at smaller homes in Leeds, as they don’t require storage cylinders or cold-water tanks to heat up the water.


The benefits of a new Combi boiler for central heating installations are as follows:


  • Combi boilers heat water directly, reducing energy consumption
  • Hot, high-pressure water is readily available for hot taps and showers
  • Electric models run efficiently with a range of settings and controls
  • They’re ideal for Leeds homeowners not connected to the gas grid
  • Any faults with gas and electric central heating installations can be identified and fixed by a Gas Safe engineer


Repairs and Maintenance


If you are experiencing problems with your system following a central heating installation, our technicians are here to carry out 24-hour repairs. We specialise in fitting and maintenance jobs for radiators and full central heating systems. Customers in Leeds can rely on our qualified Gas Safe engineers to reach their home within an hour for emergency callouts.

If you need repair work or a brand-new central heating installation at your Leeds or West Yorkshire home, call 07966 027 993.



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image of a radiator as part of Central Heating Installation
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image of a radiator as part of Central Heating Installation